Care Planning

This division of Chalk, Cullum & Associates provides special families access to information so those families can make extraordinary decisions.  These decisions range from providing the best care for your loved one, to how to manage the financial needs of your family.  For example, you'll learn why disinheriting your special needs family member might be the right thing to do, even though it might not fee like the right thing to do.  You'll also learn why accepting the generosity of a loving grandparent may not be in their best interest.

Who needs it?

If you are caring for a person with a disability or other special needs- a spouse, a child, sibling, dependent parent, other relative or friend- you should consider allowing the Chalk, Cullum Care Planning Division to help you.  We provide access to information, financial products, and services that can help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Do you have a care plan in place?

Most families of children with disabilities understand that they need a long-term financial plan in place. Although they are concerned fr the future of their adult children with disabilities, they don't appear to have completed the planning necessary to ensure their care.  Such planning is difficult and confusing for many families,  They may have put money aside or secured government assistance, but all of that could be at risk if proper planning is not done.

Developing a life care plan

A comprehensive Life Care Plan combines legal, financial, healthcare and social service elements to provide just what is needed for your situation.  It could include a special needs trust, legal and estate planning, government benefits, and designation of a trustee, guardian , and conservator.  The development of a Life Care Plan is a process and not a one-time event. 

Overall, our initiative is to educate families on strategies that can put in place now to ensure their loved one is taken care of perpetually, giving them the gift of peace of mind.




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