At Chalk, Cullum & Associates we understand your industry. We have spent years working with Veterinarians from across the country, providing them with the answers they are seeking. As a Practice Owner, Senior Associate or a new Graduate the quest for financial independence is something today's Veterinarians are longing to achieve. It is our goal to empower today's Veterinarians to discover and answer the unknown and sometimes overwhelming questions that are affecting their financial independence.

We hear Veterinarians ask these questions frequently:

  • What is my practice worth?
  • Can I sell my practice and be able to retire?
  • When will I be able to retire?
  • Is my family financially protected?
  • What do financial statement from my practice really mean ? Can they help me make more money?

We love helping you discover the solutions to these questions

What we do

  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Practice Evaluation Analysis
  • Succession Experts



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